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Lois Hinners
: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Lead Singer, and Song Writer
Adam Gaffney: Bass Guitar
Deborah Berlinger: Percussion

Lois Hinners is from Naples, Florida and studied Classical and Jazz guitar for four years at the University of Miami. This versatile musician has performed with many groups through the years - playing lead guitar and singing lead vocals. Her most successful groups to date are: "Take Five", "Hot Date", "Mistress", "Delta Crossing", and "Down Home Blues Band".

"Take Five" was a rock band. They played the Naples circuit in the 80's. Later, Hinners joined the all female rock band, "Hot Date", as lead guitar player and lead singer. The band performed two scenes in the movie, "Spring Break" and was well received at the popular nightclubs, "J.W. West House of Rock" and the "Rock Palace" in Ft. Lauderdale and at "Art Stock's Playpen" in Miami.

After, "Hot Date", She went on the road with the all female rock band, "Mistress". They played at "Big Daddy's in Naples and "The Apple" in Winterhaven, FL, before heading west -performing mostly in the northwest U.S., Canada, Alaska and even the Yukon.

Another notable band was "Delta Crossing", which she joined in 1997. “The blues have come to Naples. They've come in the guise of a new rhythm and blues band called Delta Crossing...” - this was quoted in a February 7, 1997, "Night Scene" article in the Naples Daily News, titled, "Delta Crossing Sings the Blues at Ridgeport Pub.” The article goes on to say that they “produce a kind of trashcan blues worthy of any smokey bar in Chicago.” Hinners, the only female in this very professional 4-member band, was described this way, “'s the bottom-of-a-whiskey-barrel vocals of Hinners which sets the group apart from other R&B bands. Eerily reminiscent of a young Janis Joplin, Hinners belts out songs so full of passion and pain, she made the whole crowd at Ridgeport Pub remember when their own hearts were broken.

Since moving to a small laid-back southern Georgia town several years ago, Hinners has spent much of her time songwriting. In the last couple of years, she has made a few rare solo appearances in Tallahassee, performing a variety of music - from Blues, R&B and Rock to Jazz, Latin and Originals. Even in this setting, her powerful vocals and skilled guitar playing will knock your socks off!

In early 2006, Hinners began playing tunes with two Tallahassee musicians, Adam Gaffney (who plays bass) and Deborah Berlinger (on percussion) and formed the "Down Home Blues Band.” Hinners plays lead guitar and sings all of the lead vocals. The band plays Blues, Jazz, R&B and just a little Rock-n-Roll (Covers and Originals).

Adam's bio is coming..... really.

"I don't wanna work, I wanna bang on de drum all day!!!"

Young Deb, reaaaallllllly young Deb, was constantly in the kitchen cupboards, pulling out canned vegetables, removing the labels to have matching cans and then proceeded to set them up like drums and bang on them. Out of desperation to know what vegetable they were having for dinner, Deb's parents bought her a toy drum set at the age of four. And, it’s been nothing but noise and rhythm since.

Deb grew up in Ft. Myers, Florida where her introduction to music was throughout her school years playing percussion in concert, jazz and matching bands, and rock bands. She also attended music programs at Edison Community College and the University of Southern Mississippi. Most of her playing involved special productions where drum solos where featured. Realizing those two bass drums, hundreds of tom-toms, and a zillion cymbals were too much baggage; she scaled down to a simple drum kit. Later, through the 70’s and 80’s, she played in various local groups, outside of Tampa and in the Panama City areas. In mid to the late 80’s she quit playing and sold everything.

Around 10 years ago, the music bug bit again and she picked up playing congas and djembe, and various Latin percussion instruments with friends. But, once again, those cans in the cupboard started looking too good. So, about two years ago, she invested in another drum kit and has been honing her skills, waiting for the opportunity to find the right venue.

Deb also plays percussion withTallahassee's only Hindi chanting group, "Om Sweet Om". Deb can be reached at

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